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Jody Karr: Art is a celebration of life and a journey of the spirit to me. I create intuitively through exploration using education, experience, and my spirit as guides. Contemporary in nature, my work often combines both representational and abstract elements that engage the viewer at a multitude of levels. I invite viewers to bring their own life experiences and interpretation to my art whatever form it may take.

When I enter my studio to dance with the muse, I work with a variety of subjects, techniques, and materials. Some materials I use in my two-dimensional art include acrylic, watercolor, pastel, charcoal, ink, photography, or collage. I am drawn to the challenge of mixed media. A mixture of media creates a rich surface that I find both stimulating and enriching. Writing, in some form, is sometimes incorporated into my art, whether it be a word, poem, letter, or song – bringing together my two loves and educational background: B.A. in art; M.A. in writing. Though my sculptures vary in subject, I mostly sculpt in clay. My art, writing, and poetry have been published in a variety of publications.

I began my artistic journey at age 16, painting landscapes and still lifes in oil or acrylic. My paintings sold out at that young age which encouraged me to continue painting and to try new mediums. In my twenties, I began painting landscapes in pastel and sold all of them. After these experiences, I decided to pursue an art degree in my thirties having never studied art in high school. From my teenage years and onward, I studied with well-known national artists. My work has been exhibited in museums, galleries, solo and group exhibitions. Creating feeds my soul whether I'm in my studio (Earthglow) making art, in my writing room dreaming up poems or stories, or concocting something in the kitchen. I enjoy conducting visual journaling and other creative workshops when time allows.

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Email: writer.artist.jody@gmail.com

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