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KATHY BUTTRY's heart was always drawn toward the arts, but a more practical career was encouraged…so she became a teacher. Her formal training includes a B.S. in Elementary Education, and an M.Ed. in Education Administration. In 1991, she found herself attending art exhibits and earnestly collecting art. Adding 12 hours of college art courses beyond her degrees, she also completed numerous workshops in sculpture, painting, and printmaking. By 1996, she was exhibiting her own art. After teaching 36 years, she now focuses on her art. Buttry's exhibits include venues throughout OK and the Southwest, where she has won awards and had supportive media coverage. Born in Kansas, mostly raised in Oklahoma, (except for HS in Texas), she now happily lives and makes art in Oklahoma City.

"People are surprised to find much of my work is in colored pencils. Drawn to rich, intense colors, I use a process of creating saturation with layers of pigment and great pressure. I appreciate the striking architecture and landscapes of the Southwest, often including them in my work. An especially fun subject is Dogs Playing Frisbee. Currently I'm loving my series of expressive representations of dogs, painted in acrylic on canvas. Initially enticed into art by playing with clay, I sculpted and sold life-sized and smaller, stylized heads and masks. I even completed a commission for Edmond Santa Fe HS of a bronze, life-sized wolf. Clay sculpture is something I see returning to my studio." ~KB

FaceBook: Kathy Buttry
Instagram: Kathy Buttry Artist
Webpage and Blog: www.kathybuttry.com
Email: kbuttry@me.com

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