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Marylee Wright is a former national award-winning illustrator/graphic designer for 32 years. Currently a mixed media artist. Typically using acrylic, alcohol ink, pyrography, oils, watercolor and often works in pottery, glass or metals Cities Marylee has shown in are Denver, Chicago as well as Oklahoma City and Norman.

Marylee has collectors of her work as far away as Europe and Japan. Many on east and west coasts, and through out the country.

"OKC has been a great place to be recognized. We live and work at a great crossroad where I-35 and I 40 meet. Then there is Rt. 66. I've had many repeat clients and requests for additional works. It's a great feeling to have your work connect with other individuals."

FaceBook: Marylee Doyle Wright
Instagram: marylee4852
Email: wrightmarylee58@gmail.com

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